Citrus Marmalade & Apricot Chutney – Jazz Up Your Spread

  • February 6th, 2012
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From our upstairs kitchen, comes more canning goodness – we just put out our Apricot Chutney and Citrus Marmalade jars out and they are ready to take home.

Inside the chutney: dried apricots, cider vinegar, brown sugar, sweet onions, sweet red and green bell peppers, jalapeño, golden raisins, currants, garlic, house blended curry powder. It’s a mix of sweet, savory, and a hint of spice – mellowed out but not drab – super flavorful chutney. Stick the chutney on a cheese and charcuterie plates, layer it with cream cheese (just like red pepper jelly), spread some on a sandwich, mix with rice/couscous/pasta and fresh veggies for a sweet and spicy kick, add in to curry dishes, mix in to a glaze for pork roasts or chicken, pizza topping… we could go on for ages.

The citrus marmalade is Seville oranges, oranges, lemons, sugar and water.  We peeled the citrus fruits, cut the peel, removing and disposing of the pith, as well as cut and used the ‘meat’ segments.  The inner membranes and seeds are retained to help naturally thicken the preserves, in addition to the sugar. You can use as you would any other marmalade, but we also like to mix it in with cream cheese/yogurt/ice cream, mix in to frosting for cakes/cupcakes, use as a layer in cakes/cookie bars/thumbprint cookies, create a tea – by just adding hot water, glaze for meat (duck!), mixed in to maple syrup, mixed into hot sauce for wings…again, could go on and on!
We love our new jarred goodies and we’re sure you will do. Pick up some today!

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