From Our Kitchen – Beer Shallot Mustard & Jalapeno Mustard Kraut

  • March 7th, 2012
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Because what would the midwest, Chicago, and their accompanied tasty encased meats be without the great accoutrements? Our new Beer Shallot Mustard comes from our strong Wisconsin background and our love for making our sausages sing. Don’t think this mustard doesn’t deserve it’s own place on the table though, it’s perfect with home-made pretzels, on a roast beef sandwich, or well… anywhere any other mustard can go.

Speaking of roast beef and sausages, our Jalapeno Mustard Living Kraut is the perfect topper to your delectable banger or piled in a nice mound on top of your roast beef. SPG wanted something with a spicy punch to compliment the sour punchy-ness of our living kraut – jalapenos and mellowing mustard seeds provide the brass section to the living kraut’s string section.

Combine the two and you may just have something very special. They’ll dance together on your tounge in such a fancifal way – it’ll have you doing the electric slide. Maybe. Point is, they are partners in crime, two peas in a yummy-pod. Pick up a jar of one or both and introduce your meats to their new tango partners.

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