SPG Featured Artist – Alise Barrett

  • April 26th, 2012
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You may have noticed some changes in the way of art at SPG, maybe even making your way to our first Drink Up Art event. One of our great staff, Devin, took it upon himself to keep the art in-store updated, to seek out local artists and feature them in different space than a gallery, as well as host the event.

Our newest artist, Alise Barrett, is a graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a trained and experienced fashion designer. Even though she loves sequins and chiffon and the frivolity of fashion, she must let her inner science nerd out every once in a while. Her current series of bird drawings take inspiration in part from many hours of bird study at the Field Museum and in nature. A jackie-of-all-trades when seeing the catalog of work she’s accomplished it’s easy to find work both in fashion and art to be quite something. Her simple yet beautiful series ‘a solitary bird’ show her attention to detail; birds seem in motion or caught by a snap of a camera. Textured fill brings layered complexity that complements nicely to stark black and white. Great little frozen moments in time featuring perfectly drawn fowl.

Stop by for brunch and take a gander at this great local artist’s work (and buy one/a few) – stay tuned for the next Drink Up Art and featured artist.

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