New Rancho Gordo Beans – A Lovely Legume Trio

  • April 27th, 2012
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We’ve professed our love for Rancho Gordo beans before even going out of way to visit them when we were last in California. Just recently, we’ve pulled in three new varietals from their gracious farms:

Sangre de Toro – A red bean that can sing and dance along with any ‘red bean’ dish, but can also steal the show in a salad, chili, or go solo in a heap of red tastiness. These beans are meaty, a dense bite that must have waited at the cross-roads of flavor and substance. These “blood” red guys love to live along side rice or in soups but are as versatile as any red bean should be.

Good Mother Stallard – The folks over at Rancho Gordo say this could just be their favorite bean of theirs. They say the Good Mother Stallard, onion, garlic and olive oil is only needed to make a fantastic meal. We tend to agree; these are super flavorful and dense and allow them to really shine as a stand-alone dish. These are a must try.

Midnight Black – Another new bean is this super fresh and tasty black bean. These are true black beans and they mean serious[ly delicious] business. We’ve been using these as our ‘go-to’ beans and have yet to let us down. Great overall bean.

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