Ethereal Confections – Akasha, One Bar to Rule Them All

  • May 29th, 2012
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The sheer myriad of chocolate bars seem to make choosing one a task in and of it self. Well, Ethereal Confections‘ Askasha Bars will help.

These bars don’t hide anything, and we don’t just mean the fact that giant slices of fig can be spotting on the front of the Fig, Pepita, & Chinese five spice, we mean that the single origin chocolate, the pure richness of the cocoa used, the fact that you can taste each component as if it were giving your tongue their own individual bear hugs. The apple, cinnamon & pumpkin seed bar reminds us of cool fall nights, and the rich 85% cacao makes the bites we take swell in our hearts. These tasty and is great for sharing. Set one out next to a cheese plate and slice it up for friends, nibble slowly through the flavorful pathways carved out by the tasty nuggets laden in these bars. Is there there we find solace in chocolate-land, Ethereal Confections – we thank you.

Find your chocolate-laden slice of heaven on our shelves with their Akasha bar.

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