GrownUp KidStuff – Hot Chocolate Sauce to Warm You

  • June 13th, 2012
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We know what your thinking, hot chocolate sauce, so what. But look closer, this is hot sauce and chocolate sauce – not some kind of served hot chocolate sauce (though you could always server it that way). We’ve been fond of GrownUp KidStuff for quite sometime, so when we saw this ‘hot’ chocolate sauce we had to share it. It’s warming and chocolate rich but not forceful with the heat. This chocolate sauce also features the great tasting and super powerful Bigfat’s 808 hot sauce, a local hot sauce that a little goes a long way with, and we think this chocolate sauce carries the ‘just-right’ amount. The same delicious GrownUp KidStuff flavor we love with a dash of some warmth goes perfect on some vanilla ice cream, added into a latte for a real kick, or in a chili for the perfect amalgamation of flavors.

Pick up a jar of this great ‘stuff’ today on our shelves!

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