Summer 2012 Chalkboard

  • June 25th, 2012
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On a fairly large wall and on a colossal chalkboard, we feature new and fun things as well as some of our long-time favorites. Here, online, is this summer’s chalkboard.

Sure, we had Fat Toad Farms on our last chalkboard but we love their Goat Milk Caramel so much we wanted to showcase some of the recipes (pdf) that are possible.

We’ve been mildly obsessed with our smoked onion marmalade recently, and knew it needed a place on the big board as a ‘Staff Favorite.’ Mama’s Nuts brought out the big guns with their summer collection that really cannot be ignored – the super tasty coconut curry cashews are so good. Lilly’s Q’s Carolina Gold is the kind of barbecue sauce that we would take to a family cook-out, something that really needs to be shared, it’s that good. We love ourselves some cheese, that much is for sure, Prairie Pure Cheese is no exception; their new feta is simple, creamy, and ideal.

Our Savory Muffin gleaned some of the spotlight as well. It’s a tasty, seasonally driven treat in which we stuff a hard-boiled egg inside. It’s like carrying breakfast around in your hot little hand. Check out the case for the newest taste, they’ll be sure to rock your world.

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