SPG Featured Artist – Andy Luce

  • July 10th, 2012
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Our newest artwork has been up for a little bit. We’ve been soaking it in and realized we haven’t given the new guy a proper introduction here. As part of our artist outreach our resident artist and art director, Devin, brings in small, local artists and features them in a way that they wouldn’t elsewhere; a month or more long place on our walls, as well as an event surrounding the new and old artists.

This go-round, we’ve brought in Andy Luce. An artist who’s work is inspired by the seasons and the environment. It is likely from his move from the swamp filled state of Florida to a place with more ‘seasonality’. Becoming a part of the ever growing artistic communities Chicago, Andy adopted the name of ‘Visual Armory.’ Andy also takes in Chicago by bike (who doesn’t) woodworking and gardening via window-box.

His work bridges the seasons and the environments with color-fields and markings. Utilizing his prowess with inscription, and calligraphy – his drawings pull from a story and is then ingrained in the media used. The layers used attempt to display and speak to the deep complexity of the time in which it was constructed. Andy says he wants the colors to affect the viewer, and to have those interacting with the piece to pull their own meaning, to evoke passion and movement in the direction of reason, justice and social responsibility.

Stop by for brunch and take a gander at this great local artist’s work (and buy one/a few) – stay tuned for the next Drink Up Art and featured artist.

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