Sweetwood Cattle Company Jerky – Where ‘The Beef’ Is

  • July 11th, 2012
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If TV and movies have taught us anything, it’s that being a rancher is hard work, real hard. And when you work hard, you need a hearty snack to fend off hunger. For our money, we find jerky an ideal snack to beat back the tummy rumbles.

Somewhere out nestled against the Routt National forest in the seemingly endless rolling mountains, a ranch that believes in good, real beef: grown and fed on a traditional ranch, Angus USDA Prime and Choice, all grass and soaking the mountain air – this is Sweetwood Cattle Company. From these happy cattle comes some of the best beef jerky we’ve had. It’s all about simple recipes and great beef, a straight forward jerky that we find ourselves in love with. Between the Hot, Teriyaki, and Original, they’ve got a jerky perfect for any mood. Grab a bag, a beer and sit on the patio – a little summer snack. The size makes it great to keep some on your person to fight off 2pm hunger, the nice wide top makes it great for sharing – a power package of protein waiting to be munched on.

Pick up a bag (or twelve) and taste what passionate ranchers, happy cows and tradition can do for a seemingly simple snack.

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