Illinois Sparkling Co’s Stereo – Turned Up To 11

  • July 18th, 2012
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Illinois Sparkling Co is a pretty awesome winery, this we know. We know they make fantastic bubbly from the hearth of Illinois. We know their passion for getting things ‘right.’ But, did we know about their ability to ‘rock’? Yes. That is, we thought we did until we tasted the Stereo blend.

It’s a rich yellow hay color like that of late fall corn stalks, a wonderful balance of honey and citrus. They tell us it’s great with spicy food, we love it solo, sipping a glass after a long day of pulling weeds before the in-laws show up, or sharing once they get there. Stereo is ISC’s first estate sparkling wine, which they say “is kind of like recording the first demo tape by [their] garage band.” We tend to think it’s a lot more refined and has a lot less reverb than a garage recording. It’s great to drink as a special occasion or just because. Pick up a bottle from our shelves and share the passion.

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