Askinosie CollaBARation™ Bars – Zingerman’s & Licorice

  • July 26th, 2012
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Having eaten through our first round of CollaBARation bars, we thought we should give the others a go.

To our delight the renowned ‘El rustico’, which previously only sold at Zingerman’s shops was now ready for us to munch on in Illinois. It’s a dance of vanilla and dark chocolate unlike anything under the sun. This is the bar that started it all (the CollaBARations that is), commissioned by our dear friends at Zingerman’s – it’s got big fat sugar crunch, powerful single origin dark chocolate, and chops of vanilla bean; these all culminate together to make our taste-buds weep with joy.

And then in walked Mr. tall dark and handsome. At first we weren’t so sure, liquorice all over rich dark milk chocolate, but one nibble did us in. We had a crush, a bar with goat’s milk powder to give it some bite, a dash of fleur de sel salt, something was ‘happening’ in our mouth and heart like… could it be. Chocolate love.

Don’t skip these masterly made wonders of the cocoa – pick up a bar or three and live in it’s lusciousness, savor it and go back for more.

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