McClure’s Chips – Potatoes, Meet Pickles

  • August 24th, 2012
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In the days that are mixed between stuffing pickles in a jars and prepping cucumbers to be pickled – there had to have been some downtime. A time where McClure’s unbelievably tasty pickles were soaking in their vinegar juices and someone thought making potato chips would be a good idea. We’re pretty glad that someone did think of doing so.

McClure’s Chips are set in the same standards as their pickles are, meticulously capturing an essence of food that is nearly impossible to resist. Unlike many chips of today – these are crinkle cut, capturing the ‘just-right’ amount of oil making the chip crunchy and allows the perfect dusting of flavors (either spicy or dill pickle). You think you knew chips, but the mashing of fried ‘taters with the twang of vinegar-ness and the power-house blends of spices are what makes these slices of potatoes something for your maw to luxuriate in.

Pick up a bag or three today in our grocery today! You will not be let down.

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