Our Featured Artist – Riggs Barr

  • September 17th, 2012
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At the intersection of welding, steel, and artist stands a local artisan – where function, wall art, accents, seating, combine to from Riggo. We’re happy to welcome Riggs to our walls as our latest featured artist. His work from desks, tables, chairs, lamps, and lest we forget his great wall-art. His site is a true show of the breath of his work, something we tend to think we have in common with this masterful artist – a wide range of artistry.

We think he does a fantastic job bringing to life the cold metal giving it warmth in a way that only a talented hand could. Any color used his is pieces is brought either from small placements of wood or glass, but mostly the metal speaks for itself. From the complex to the simple there is something new to be shown by the metal, be it by shape or it’s edges or thickness or how reflective it is.

And… We just kinda love just looking at them too. They are something totally different on our walls, hanging sculptures are new to the store and we are really enjoying having them around. Many thanks to Riggs in crating these pieces, they’ve been a peak of interest in our day and expect them to live in our wondering eye the rest of the time they’re up.

Take a gander yourself and enjoy our newest artist: Riggs Barr, or ‘Riggo’.

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