Rishi Matcha & Sencha – Go Green (Tea)

  • October 18th, 2012
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Rishi Tea has been providing us with the highest quality loose tea leaves for a long while now. They are the tea that is served in our cafe, both hot and cold, they have long been proudly displayed on our shelves. We love their work and glad to have a close connection to a great local company like theirs. That is why we’re proud to show off a couple of great new pieces from Rishi.

The most popular tea in Japan, this hand selected Organic tea is lovely drinking. This premium green tea is grown in the shadow of Kirishima Mountain, the soil and hot springs give the green tea a powerful fullness that is just more proof of Rishi’s hard work finding the perfect leaf. Sencha is a great everyday tea, to sip on these cool days and nights and is nicely refreshing once it warms up again. A great year round drinker.

Sweet Matcha
Speaking of year-round drinkers. Sometimes you need a real cool drink, something with a bit more gusto maybe something with a bit of creamy goodness. Mix up a mug of sweet Match. A popular alternative to the ‘normal’ clear running green teas us Americans are used to. Drink it hot or cold – the mix is just powdered green tea and a dash of cane sugar. All it requires of you is some milk and a vigorous whisking to create a frothy and healthy treat to drink in. Sip it hot on cool nights or chug it down iced with lunch – great to have on hand after a long day.

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