More Than Gourmet Sauces

  • November 15th, 2012
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Dinner can get complicated fast, but More Than Gourmet is about to un-complicate things.

When cooking a meal at home, planned or otherwise, sometimes a pan sauce or something more complex is required or dreamed up. Sure, deglazing could result in something similar to your mind’s eye conception – but sometimes they are found to be flat and uninteresting. Well, More Than Gourmet has made that special dinner (or any dinner, really) pitch perfect. Their Red Wine Shallot Sauce is everything a red wine pan sauce should be, encapsulated in a tiny tube. It’s nice when things are suddenly easy, sure, but what if they are easy and absolutely freaking tasty all at the same time? Like the Lemon Dill sauce, sticking a balance between creamy, punchy tart lemons, and the easily overpowering dill, unlike anything we’ve seen from a package let alone professional kitchens or home-made (sorry Grandma). When pork is on the menu, the Dijon Wine Sauce is just about perfect – pork and sweet mustard sauce? Oh my. These sauces are for everyone, all three are all natural and gluten free to boot!

Pick up a box of these fantastic sauces or all three to keep them around when the mood strikes you; really cannot go wrong with these More Than Gourmet’s sauce packets.

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