Force of Nature Tempranillo – A Beautiful, Stormy Wine

  • November 16th, 2012
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There are good reasons behind the name of this line of wines from the diverse soil plot of Paso Robles – from the driving ocean winds, shifting temperatures of forty degrees in a day, hard snowfall winters, and blazing hundred degree days during the summers, the vines grow in a ecology unlike anywhere else. This does well for the grapes though, creating a uniform flavor and strong terroir. This all accounts to a low yielding plantation but some very focused wines, rich and wonder wines in the sheer Force of Nature.

Our good pals at VineJoy brought us this beautiful bottle; swirls of blue and stamped letterpress hand painted label unlike anything we’ve ever seen on a bottle before. Stunningly gorgeous and right down our ally – but it was when we sipped this powerful Tempranillo that we found it impossible to resist. A small batch winery with all of these together is the kind of thing we would gift or sit on till that perfect party arose. It’s juicy in a way your grandmother’s famous cherry pie is, and rich in warmth like a new leather chair – you feel destined for greatness when drinking this wine. It’s cool and comforting, it’s the hard winds of Paso Robles, the lunging temperatures all bottled into this perfect package.

This truly is a do-not-miss wine, super-duper small batches, fantastic in every way, and waiting to go home with you.

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