eSutras Flavored Agave – Sweet Tasty Fun

  • December 11th, 2012
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From the mashing up of fourteen year old plants comes a sweetener that dissipates as fast as simple sugar in drinks, like needy cocktails, or as a sugar substitute in baking. But some of this is old hat when it comes to Agave. But What about tasty infused flavors?

Well eSutras has brought us two pretty dang tasty versions of their naturally flavored agave nectar – Chai and Mocha. The chai is great in coffee, lending a decent dose of sweetness but also giving a dash of all those nutmeg-cocoa-indian-spices that come with good chai. The flavor is smooth and not heavy-handed, as some flavored sweeteners can be – we love the Chai in a hot toddy or topped in vanilla ice cream. Their mocha agave is just as versatile, and eSutras take is luscious and delicious. The obvious flavor combo is coffee, but it’s fantastic in chocolate cupcakes when substituting a portion of sugar, or glazed on some thick pork chops. Both of these are hand crafted artisanal products made with a healthy helping of love which we think shows through in these two great flavored agave nectars.

Pick up a bottle, or both and give them a whirl, they’ll make any dish dance with sweet flavor.

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