Alpha Zeta Soave – Just Right Pairing White

  • December 28th, 2012
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soaveWhen winter comes and the deluge of dark chewy reds comes down the pipe, sometimes all we want is a light and tasty white wine. That is where Alpha Zeta Soave comes in handy, it’s a great drinking wine that everyone is sure to enjoy.

It’s light and flowery, but not like being bashed with a bouquet like some white wines. Lots of bright fruit and citrus lend it to be an easy drinker; perfect with a plate of nearly any seafood, it’s just about everything you’d expect from a white with real character. The Soave is very fruit forward due to it’s late harvest, non-sulfuring and cool fermentation – apples and pear are strong throughout, from the nose, across the palate, and mellows out to the aftertaste. It’s easy on the jaw, no tart bite, it’s great for light pastas and chicken dishes – a perfect ‘any-day wine,’ but has enough flavor and gusto to impress special dinner guests.

Pick up a bottle of Alpha Zeta’s Soave, a fantastic white wine, today.

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