Pirro’s Pasta Sauces – Full-flavored Origins

  • January 14th, 2013
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At the end of a long drawn back boot, an island waits like Charley brown’s football. Sicily, where the land is pulled like taffy down through the ocean over a jagged landscape and the red sauce recipes are passed down famously as family secrets. We’ve got one of those honored formulas on our shelves: Pirro’s Pasta Sauces.
Let’s be clear, we don’t have the recipe, but we wish we did. They are both mellow enough to go along with just about anything your throw at them, but they bring enough flavor to not be ignored. First we’ll take a look at their marinara sauce; a light but flavorful jar of pure family tradition mingled with (nearly) all local ingredients. The marinara is easy-mode on top of pasta, but it can also be used as pizza sauce, a base for bruschetta or boiled with chicken – a very versatile sauce. The puttanesca sauce has a bit more gusto, it’s a bit more chunky, and a whole lot less shy on pasta, really great with fish too. Pirro’s Rustic Vodka takes a dash of modern, a healthy helping of flavor, some vodka, and of course the lineage of grandma’s recipes. We like a spoonful with stuffed pasta to balance it’s intrigue or in a big baked mostaccioli. Pirro’s also goes out of their way to source all they can in their immediate area, which shows in their fresh tasting sauces. All of these things would make grandma proud to have her recipe shared with the world.

Pirro’s sauces are not just “secret family recipe” good, but locally sourced, made here in Illinois and nicely able to compliment just about any dish you put them in. Love Pirro’s or know some good recipes? Share below in the comments!

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