Lillie’s Q E.N.C. – Exquisite Regional Taste Sensation

  • February 15th, 2013
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Lillie Q ENCWe love Lillie’s Q. It’s bright and flavorful barbecue sauces bring slices of the US’s tasty ‘q’ back to us – locally made and all. Here in Illinois, most of us are used to the thick Kansas City style of sauce, with heavy sugar and tomato backbone. Lillie’s Q E.N.C is much, much different than those plastic squeeze bottles at cookouts.

This is the simplest – some would say – most pure form of American barbecue sauce. A John Hancock-esque branding on the great swath of types of barbecue. At it’s base – Eastern North Carolina sauce is vinegar, ground black pepper and chili flake. Usually, this sauce is used to dredge the meat, while over the fire and then dipped into – post-roast. E.N.C. is that and more, it’s bright and fast with sharp vinegar with a splashing of black pepper and a slow burn of spice to bring the whole picture together. Fantastic when used on oysters, mopping pork and chicken or just about anything that can be fired on the grill.

This regional sauce is so lovely, it’s hard to ignore. We love it too, b/c it comes to us from just down the way right here in Chicago. Get some Lillie’s Q’s E.N.C. today for seriously tasty vinegar bbq sauce! Love East North Carolina style? Have a hankering for E.N.C. and want to share your desire? Leave us a comment below – we’d love to hear from ya!

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