Terry’s Amazing WackerPop – Scrumptious Snacktime Sublimity

  • February 20th, 2013
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Terry's Wackerpop (Chai-Cago, Lavenilla, Orignal)For years, many more than we can count, we’ve carried Terry’s Toffee on our shelves. Their rich buttery toffee and perfectly matched thick coating of chocolate on top even has our mouth watering right now after all this time. Great for parties, having out as office desk treats, or as a staple at your Oscar party. We’ll they’ve done it again. Creating a kind of popcorn not like any other – a toffee slathered popped corn coated in sweet chocolate… good heavens.

Think of chocolate covered toffee, so good and lush with sweet creamy flavor and buttery texture compliment with softening chocolate that perfectly coats the palate. Now, popcorn with it’s own great munch-ability, fluffy, chewiness – a great snack. When combining the two it’d be hard to not ‘soak’ the popcorn or leave enough of the toffee-goodness to make it all worth while – we’re lucky enough that the fine fellows over at Terry’s created what we think is one of the best ‘munch-able’ desserts. We carry three of the Terry’s Amazing WackerPop. Lavenilla is just as their toffee-kin, lavender and vanilla infused toffee coats and dense white chocolate drizzled all over – a fresh floral and creamy smooth treat. Their Chai-cago makes it’s way to popcorn topping as well, with powerful spiced toffee of cinnamon, cloves, ginger, nutmeg, cardamom & pepper all splashing across your tongue like a perfect Chai tea – couple that with the mellow dark chocolate, it creates a irresistible treat. Then of course the Classic dark, McCall’s Dark, the one that makes Terry’s Toffee shine a bright beacon of perfection in a fog of confections; rich toffee and dark chocolate match the popcorn in a pack that must be tried to appreciate just how delectable it is.

Taste some seriously good toffee coated popcorn with a bag of Terry’s Amazing Wackerpop- available on our shelves! Love Terry’s Toffee? Found the secrets to the universe at the bottom of a bag of Wackerpop? Share below, we’d love to hear from you.

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