Stonewall Kitchen New Additions – Easy Meals and Addons

  • March 7th, 2013
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New to our shelves and new to Stonewall Kitchen, a whole tasty lineup of easy meals, and a great sauce; all help make meals a whole bunch easier, and really tasty to boot. Grab a jar or all of them today off our shelves!

Stonewall Chili & Meatloaf
Mom’s Meatloaf Starter takes the classic homey dish and heightens it: Super flavorful, perfectly complimentary, ultra-easy and so tasty. The same can be said about their chili starter, simply add beans or meat – heat and eat. Great homemade flavor, which Stonewall Kitchen is famous for, making it perfect to keep in the cupboard for surprise guests.

Stonewall Granola Pancake
The Stonewall Granola pancake mix bridges just about everything we love of pancakes with granola. Perfect
texture in waffles, and adds a delightful crunch and ‘fullness’ to pancakes.

Stonewall Basil Pesto Aioli
A new addition to the Stonewall lineup – easy peasy way of dressing up sandwiches, great for dipping fries, or baked ontop of fish!

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