Our Featured Artist – Taylor Freeman

  • March 21st, 2013
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taylorfreeman-sqJust recently we’ve changed again, a small change to some, but to us – those who work around the tables and live out most of our day inside SPG, having a new artist can be refreshing. That is just what Taylor Freeman‘s work is: refreshing – heavy doses of color splayed across the paper or a deep long look at the uniform architecture. Taylor takes Chicago and puts it on it’s ear – we’ve seen the places in his photo graphs, we’ve walked down those streets, drove over those bridges, but it’s under the splashes of technicolor photos that we have to look again.

That is Taylor’s aim. To point it to the places we sometimes take for granted, let our eyes rest there and soak it all in. To show us a Chicago we know but maybe don’t recognize. To relive those times we walked the bridges, drove the streets, to put us there with a new appreciation. Chicago also allows for some great reflective shots with our waterways and rivers, and the occasional pothole. The lakefront and parks provide some nature to photograph against the steel and concrete, a contrasted in the full line of photographs in Freeman’s Chicago series.


From a teenage affection for landscapes to a rekindled love found in photography. Taylor has taken his passion and turned into a body of work to be proud of, and we’re proud to display it here, on our walls for the world (or those who visit and read this blog). Want to leave some a message of love for Taylor? Leave a comment below.

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