Our Bialys – Fresh Dough Love Lumps

  • March 29th, 2013
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It starts with hands. Hands that pour and measure and fill and weigh, each puff of flour, ending up round and tasty knots: our Bialys. Gnaw-able nuggets of Polish decent, like an unboiled bagel with an impressed center, which is used to hold goodies that just await being nibbled.


Proofed, kneaded, baked to perfection, every single morning – some tenderness goes a long way with such delicious treats. This season’s run consists of ‘everything’ or cheese in perfect duality; where an everything can heighten smoked salmon or dipped in one of our rich and sweet preserves. Take a cheese and chew through savory-goodness just this side of crispy (great for a sandwich), or tear and slather it in our very own house-made cream cheese.


We think all of the hard work pays off. We create treasures that are completely made from scratch well before the sun rolls over the horizon. So fresh, in fact, that the bakery case steams over from finished-seconds-ago prizes. If you are up early – it’s worth it to be the first in to grab one while still warm. Late risers will enjoy them too, chewy with punched up flavor, and a treat center – what is not to love?


Take a gander and feast upon one of these home-made treasures – they’re sure to take the edge off any grumbling tummy.

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