Vintage Vine – Bloody Beautiful

  • April 14th, 2013
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Wintage VineWe’re pretty hesitant to carrying too many of one kind of product. We’ve got really limited shelf space and we want to feature the best of the best. Well, when we were parsed to try Vintage Vine, it was hard to look the other way.

A jar of this hits the table and the pre-made mix gets poured into a glass with a dash of vodka. Clinking ice, fluffs of dark peppercorn cracks, rise and fall like a fast-motion lava lamp – hard to resist a taste. It’s bright, acidic with a taste not unlike mashing a tomato between your teeth, then the pepper strikes. Heat waves in our mouth like baking cookies in August and we want more, a lot more. It’s vinegary-ness coupled with ‘juicy’ tomato flavor is pretty impeccable, hard to find in a canned jar of Bloody mix. It’s wonderful and so much unlike the rest of our mixes it was a no-brainer.

Match all of that with the fact it’s made here, right in Chicago, with the best ingredients they could lay their hands on. It comes in a beautifully screen printed reusable jar. Gluten free, means thickeners and the sort are gone; it’s all legible and fresh. It’s homemade in all the best ways possible, doled out with tons of heart and love, with heavy portions of passion – the Vintage Vine folks have it right, and we think it shines through in their mix.

We’ve got this locally made Bloody Mix waiting just for you on our shelves as we (write?) speak. Want to speak to it’s magnitude of luscious tomato-y goodness? Wish to pass a message about it’s impact on your weekend ritual? Leave a comment below, we’d love to hear from you.

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