Our Focaccia – A Panfull Of Flavor Dimples

  • April 19th, 2013
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In the quiet mornings were the ticking of stretching oven metal begats the sound of whirring overheads and shuffling clogs, in those times when dawn breaks after clouds of flour settle, we are baking. One of those pulled from our oven is our focaccia. It starts simple, with a few ingredients.

Focaccia  Ingredients

After some kneading by hand and splayed on the table – it’s time for a stretch. Here the focaccia starts to come into fruition – it’s spread into an oiled pan and poked to create tasty flavor capturing dimples. Olive oil is spread across it’s soft cratered surface to keep the moisture inside for a soft, thin bread.

focaccia Stretching

foccacia done

It’s baked to a crisp brown exterior and chewy, soft inside. The flavor profile of the bread matches perfectly with our brie and tuna sandwiches, heightening and complementing the savoy flavors. A cousin to pizza dough, our focaccia is baked fresh in the mornings and sliced baked just for us and by extension – you! It’s just another great part of our growing made-in-house repertoire.

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