Beer Menu – Late April 2013

  • April 27th, 2013
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Lovely beer menu for the cutting edge of spring.

Founders – Breakfast Stout ∙ 5 michigan-e

One of the best stouts brewed today. Made with oats for a thick mouth-feel, bitter & sweetened chocolate, & of course coffee. 8.3% ABV

Bell’s – Oberon ∙ 5 michigan-e

Easily welcome spring with a real American wheat beer; doses of sweet graininess meet aromatic hops complimented by orangey/lemon yeast attributes. Drink in the warming sun, for full effect. 5.8% ABV

Grand Teton – Sweetgrass ∙ 5

A fantastic example of what American pale ales can be. Crisp and clean, hoppy from a nice amount of dry hopping. Citrusy, resinous and spicy – hello taste town! 6% ABV

Kasteel Rouge ∙ 6 belg

dark red to match the aromas of cherries, mild cherry taste coupled with a slight malt sweetness; nicely mellow, tasty, full bodied & creamy. 8% ABV

Leipziger Gose ∙ 7 Germany

wheat beer brewed with a bit of coriander, salt & lactic acid bacteria; sharp & refreshing with a dry finish; unpasteurized, unfiltered & bottle-conditioned. 4.6% ABV

Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier Märzen ∙ 7 Germany

dark, bottom fermented smoke beer; the malt is smoked with beech wood for a delicious aroma of smoked bacon & taste to match perfect with a burger or a plate of bacon. 5.1% ABV

Monks Café Sour Flemish ∙ 6 belg

Will shock you at first; the aroma is sour, one smell will make your mouth water & tongue pucker; the flavor starts off sweet which balances the tart notes. 5.5% ABV

Breckenridge – Vanilla Porter ∙ 5

A combination of roast/chocolate notes with vanilla to sweeten things up; dark & deep but easy drinking – a porter soft enough for the masses, but complex enough for any scrutinizing palate. 4.7% ABV

Breckenridge – Oatmeal Stout ∙ 5

Roasty & malt heavy with slick oatmeal to coat your palate. Smooth, but doused with coffee aroma with flavors. Great with red meats & late winter. 4.9% ABV

Samuel Smith – Organic Cider ∙ 6 uk-w

Coming to your table from across the pond, one of the quintessential hard ciders; tart dryness & a whole lot of carbonation: a perfect complement for any fall lunch. 5% ABV

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