Southport Grocery’s Own Rye Bread

  • May 3rd, 2013
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In the world of breads there are a few treasures, some truly fantastic cuts of doughy goodness that they’re impossible to ignore. We tend to think our rye bread is in that league; it’s part of the ‘multigrain’ subset, where rye pairs with wheat to create a aromatic and flavorful bread. Ours starts with a handful of simple ingredients and the bleeding edge of a sunrise.

Rye Ingredients

Just as with all our baked goods, it begins with the basics. For our rye, we use a splash of cider, brown sugar, and molassis to tease out some of the richer rye characteristics.

Rye 02-2

Time and yeast help create softness and breathe life into the loafs. After a quick score with a sharp and sure blade the lumps are ready for the oven.

Rye 03-2


It’s a real thing of beauty, adding flavor without shuttering out the sandwich laid between. Alone, it sparks full of mellow spicy flavor – great as a side of toast to sop up after a plate of Brisket and Gravy. Order ahead and take home a loaf, or chomp through some in the cafe – we know we will be.

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