Taste #5 Umami Dust – Your New Ubiquitous Seasoning

  • May 10th, 2013
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Taste 5 Umami DustThe world of food can be a great place. First came Umami Paste from Laura Santtini, a tube of what could be only described as “magical”. A straight line to give the tongue a mean left hook of smooth savoriness, of umami, in a way that makes your fish dish dance or pasta party. Now, in some kind of antithesis to a coup de grâce of taste exploration, the Taste #5 team brings us Umami Dust.

Like a light from above, our taste buds at the ready and a dash of this ‘dust’ on just about everything. Give a bloody mary a puff for a little punch, or sub out red-pepper flaked pizza for a spellbinding dusting of umami, give your chicken a dry-patting before grilling, or fluff out some on roasted asparagus straight out of the oven – magical indeed. Don’t get us started on the bewitching burgers created by the coupling of ground beef and Taste #5 Umami Dust. From proteins to veggies – and for the adventurous – sweets (like chocolate), it plays amazing rhythm guitar in just about anything you throw at it. But, don’t think it takes a backseat to any other flavor enhancer, you’ll want to keep this on the counter – ready to ‘bring it’.

Between the paste and the dust, we are enamored by their versatility and power. Want to fall in love yourself? Pick up either the dust or the paste off our shelves today – or both to relish in your fifth food sense. Leave a love note for Umami, or share a great recipe addition, we’d love to know how you’ve used them.

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