Our Chorizo – Hand-Ground Goodness

  • May 21st, 2013
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ChorizoWe’ve been buggered by our Chef, Derrick, for a long time about curating meat. We’ve been tied up with projects, but recently we let him loose. And, well, he’s gone and done us proud once again. Creating a chorizo comparable to any of the great mexican red chorizos, and a lovely compliment to our breakfast. Mexican chorizo is different than Spanish chorizos in that it’s usually more fatty, contain different spices (found in traditional spanish versions) and ground. This style allows us to create a spicy, rich, fresh chorizo to match our food profile.

It starts with the spices: our own house-made ancho chili and chipotle powders which is met with hot smoked paprika, dashes of garlic and oregano, and Derrick’s “secret” spice: tamarind. With the spice blend created, it’s time for the meat. Our pick: Berkshire pigs farmed out of Iowa and Minnesota. They are brought in and cut down in-house to grind and create some seemingly magical red meat. The same prized pork meat goes into our house-made sausage patties, but with sage and fresh ginger to create a savory, melt-in-your mouth breakfast profile.

Meet our in-store made chorizo in the same named omelette, and paired with scallions, eggs, chips, queso fresco, and chips in a bowl to end any hunger pangs. Want to tell Derrick of his job well done? Leave a message below!

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