Maria’s Ginger Beer – A Sweet Symphony

  • May 30th, 2013
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Maria's Ginger BeerAges ago, local sodas seemed to be everywhere. Lucky for us, recently a resurgence has taken place, maybe with with the help of the burgeoning craft beer scene, or all of the locally available foodstuffs, or small businesses creating more and more together – but it’s starting. In the shadow of ‘The Cell’ and sluggish traffic streets of Bridgeport neighborhood of Chicago, a bar and soda bottling company came together to create a sweet symphony; of the sugar high string section and sharp bass of ginger, the caramel sweetness meandering through like a shallow rumble of bass drums – all creating a nicely balanced ginger beer: Maria’s.

Ginger ales are broad like the repertoire of a composer – a fiery work of spiced up ginger that warms your stomach, or fluffy highly sweet tune with hits of tangy ginger, or like in Maria’s Ginger Beer – it’s a balance, of tounge tickleing ginger and light, evening sugar. This makes for a great mixing ginger ale, able to pair well with just about any cocktail thrown it’s way. We think it’s an easy, super good Dark and Storm, or a Nor’easter – where ginger beer meets bourbon and maple syrup. This all came to being when Maria’s reached out to their neighbors, Filbert’s, a local staple in soda which helped make the dream a reality. It’s that kind of community and local based products we love, and love to support. So not only is it tasty, but it’s locally made, bottled, designed, the whole shebang.

Get a taste of truly balanced, lovely ginger beer with Maria’s in our cooler now. Have a favorite drink you making with Maria’s? Want to let the world know of your love for all things ginger? Leave a comment below – we’d love to hear from you!

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