SPG’s Stawberry Lemonade Drink Starter

  • June 19th, 2013
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We take a lot of pride in the canned goods we make, but sometimes it goes places not even you expected, beauty holds you. Our preservationist, Melanie, had finished some bottles of this year’s Strawberry Lemonade Starter, and the sun came through the bakery windows just so. The bright pink hue of strawberries lightened with lemon created a rich red/pink glow just asking to be captured.

strawberry lemonade drink starter

So lovely you almost taste it. And you should taste it! Makes an incredible strawberry lemonade obviously, but mix and shake into vodka and lemon-lime soda for a powerfully tasty cocktail, mix a bit into a vinaigrette for a splash of sunshine on a mixed green salad, or add club soda and triple sec for the ideal summer patio sipper.

Snag one of these gorgeous bottles for yourself, they’re beautiful inside and out.

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