Danny Macaroons – ‘Macs’ to the Max

  • June 20th, 2013
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Dannys Macaroons 02Say hello to this Brooklyn born tasty treat. Coconut macaroons unlike those you have had, these are light and fluffy without the cloying sugar clump. Danny Macaroons are handmade with tender love and care, with strict attention paid to not just each cookie, but to each layer, like the long hunt Danny did to find the perfect coconut to compliment the macaroon cookies and creating them in small batches. These are true-to-life macaroons so they’re gluten-free, full of real flavor and hard to be ignore.

In store, we carry packs of six with three original and three salted caramel for an exploration of flavor and to allow either sharing or hoarding them for yourself. The original chocolate dipped macaroons are like shipping your brain off of a vacation for a heartbeat, chocolate meets the sweetened coconut and creamy center like a handful of darts hitting your foodie bullseye. Salted Caramel is a meeting of mellow sugared coconut and smooth melty caramel on the bus to tastytown. The salty layer provides a shelter from what might otherwise be a treat over-wrought with sweetness, creating a lovely juxtaposition and a smile across our face.

Party down with Danny Macaroons, they’ll not leave you high and dry. Pick up a pack off our shelf today! Love macaroons? Want to leave Danny a secret love note? Drop a line below, we’ll share it with the world.

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