Dinner in Words – The Grits

  • July 16th, 2013
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We’ve scoured and pulled our way through finding the best, most high quality ingredients we could. When we say that it’s not merely conjecture. Sure, many places will pull out the wagon and make market trips (as we do) during the season, but even our staples come with a story.

asparagus grits

Pictured here, an early inception of the dish, shows locally grown asparagus (now green beans) sitting bellow of some truly first-class girts. But not just any grits – no, these are stone ground, heirloom white grits. They herald from Anson Mills where their intense fondness of heirloom varietals started with Carolina Rice Kitchen – a strain of ‘southern perfected’ white rice that they saved from obscurity. It is from there, birthed from this deep passion of supplying and creating the best of the best that we were drawn to their grits. Simply put, they are unparalleled; aromatic and smooth when chewed, perfection in the form of fine meal. They are fresh too, so much so they need to be kept refrigerated, and smell ‘just ground’ when cooked. Anson Mills’ Grits are full of flavor and able to stand on their own, they aren’t just carriers of butter or sauce, but they also don’t detracted from a paired dish. The help us remember why we love grits.

We think they make the perfect star player on our supper menu. Dig in.

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