Dinner in Words – Monkey Bread

  • July 23rd, 2013
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Some desserts require a fork, where as others sort of force the hand – or to use them! We did experimenting and took some time to create a fun and super tasty twist to an under-rated dessert. Our Monkey Bread is puffed out of it’s container like a joyful springboard of sweetness – a lure to come digging in asap. We top it with a bit of chopped peanut to provide interest and texture, but we couldn’t just stop there.

monkey bread

What better compliment to pull-apart bread than a dip into sauce – and well, what could be better than chocolate? We took rich chocolate paired with creamy peanut butter and had ourselves a winner of a dessert. Something that bridges memories of childhood with grownup taste, a sophisticated harken back to days of yore.

Get this treat at your next visit to our Supper and relive a new piece of your history.

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