Dinner in Words – Pickled Green Strawberries

  • July 24th, 2013
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We wanted to take a quick moment and shed some light on this piece of our supper menu. At the top, sits a rotating list of seasonal, just-pickled goods that we are overjoyed with. Like our Pickled Green Strawberries.

pick straw crostini

We take a heap of the just-before ripe fruits and pickle them to compliment the acidic punchiness and mellow the crunchy bite. Their still-stiff structure allows them to stay away from becoming a pickled strawberry porridge and create a nice dense nibble when sampling. We also sell them canned to take home, have them solo with other pickles (like we plate them for supper), add them to a cheese plate, top some goat cheese crostini (like the photo above, for Drink Up Art), or slice thin and add to a salad. Green strawberries are the perfect little package to experiment with, so let your imagination run wild!

Get a taste of these fleeting summertime pickles before they are gone!

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