78 Red Ketchup – Squeeze Tasty Tomatoes

  • July 30th, 2013
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Ketchup 78Ketchup should be as simple as our childhood memories of sitting down to a basket of fries the size of a football. It is with 78 Red Ketchup that we bring simplicity back to the table.

To start it’s a pretty great right out. The classic sweet and umami flavors are present but don’t overstay their welcome. It’s a great compliment to sweet potato fries or squeezed a top a burger. The spicy is full of spicy punch, at first you find yourself wondering where the spice is, this bright red sauce is a slow start, and boom the fire grows and comes alive in the back of your mouth reaching fever pitch just before taking another bite; We love it. Not only is 78 Red Ketchup tasty, but it’s doing things the right way: no GMOs, Gluten-Free, no MSG, no corn syrup, and more of what we can only expect to be the ripest most lovely tomatoes they could lay their hands on. Technically, it’s 78% more tomatoes (hence their name) too so it’s mostly tomato with spices – a refreshing and super tasty difference where tomatoes are king!

Pick up a bottle or both on our shelves now and taste simplicity at it’s finest.

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