Wilks & Wilson – Old Timey Style, New Timey Goodness

  • August 19th, 2013
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Wilks & Wilson (1 of 1)Back in time aways, a time when handcrafted was less of a thing and more of ‘everyday necessity,’ back before prohibition took-hold of our favorite cocktails and seemingly erased a whole tradition of flavors off the map. Thankfully, Wilks & Wilson is here to remedy that a bit.

Let’s start with the easy one: Gomme – a ‘thick’ simple syrup that adds a touch of heft to any mixed drink; a pleasant coating mouthfeel to tea, or the transformative properties it holds over an old fashioned, it adds a hint of sweet with depth unlike anything found in the market. Sir Teddy’s Tonic Elixir, is a bit more complex with it’s heavy citrus backbone and lively brushstroke of all spice and Gentian Root (for bitterness), but it’s the quinine (found in nearly all tonics) that makes us smile: a backstory built into this Wilks and Wilson syrup is it’s magical cure of malaria, which in fact quinine does (in medical doses), is charming. Speaking of citrus, Millicent’s Lime Mint Simple bridges smooth mint and the summery-brightness of lime, which is like walking out to a pool desk when added mojitos. For another ‘island drink’ pull a bottled of Adelaide’s Orgeat and make up a Mai Tai or easily create a super delicious almond soda.

Lost on what to do? The gang at Wilks & Wilson provide simple recipes on their site and each bottle comes with a card to help you along the way. Don’t pass by these elixirs now available on our shelves, they are sure to bring serious old-time flavor to anything their added to.

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