Dinner in Words – Mac & Cheese

  • August 23rd, 2013
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When we ran through comfort food, it was hard, nay impossible to ignore the big’n, the heavy hitter: mac & cheese.
mac cheese
Don’t think that just because it’s noodles and ‘some cheese’ that it doesn’t live up to it’s placement on the supper menu. We pull out nice big curls of macaroni and slather them with a seriously amazing morel and leek cheese – a combo of an earthy mellow and mild onion/garlic that is just about impossible not to stuff your face with. A light dusting of bread crumbs gives it layers of texture and interest when forking down the mound of tastiness that lies inside the bowl.

Don’t feel reluctant to delve into seemingly familiar territory for our supper – many hearts are won at the bottom of a bowl of our Mac & Cheese.

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