Dinner in Words – Duck (August ’13)

  • August 27th, 2013
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Say hello to a duck dish unlike anything you’ve experienced. We say ‘experienced’ because it’s not just ‘eaten,’ but forged from the hearth of our creative collective, casting a play of peach and duck into a plate that ebbs and flows in layers of meaty duck, bright peach punch, intermingled with a crunch of breading. Howdy.

supper duck peach II
On top it starts with our Scotch peach: inside an ellipsoid of gelatinized Mick Klug peach puree wrapped with duck confit where it is then rolled in flour, sunk into egg, and then rolled in breadcrumbs, and deep fried – after it’s then dusted with blended dehydrated peach skin. Oh my. Underneath is crispy skinned duck breast that sits in our fennel puree, which is a meeting of peppery olive oil, tart lemon juice, and melted butter; paired against a peach gastrique. Cut into the scotch peach and letting the peach puree flow across the dish and forking into the sweet/savory, and hence the experience begins.

Encounter our duck dish in your next supper visit and taste the adventure.

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