Kim Kim Sauce – Handmade Hot

  • September 30th, 2013
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We’ve been on the hunt for Kim Kim sauce for a little over a year; a taste and you’ll know why.
Kim Kim 02
For any fan of Sriracha sauce knows, a mystical hot red sauce can go a long way on just about anything. Plopping some of Kim Kim’s Korean hot sauce on eggs is nothing short of a spiritual experience. The simple scrambled egg becomes a complex taste sensation of sweet, spicy, and pure slashes of heat. The delightful ‘front’ burn that comes from this gochujang makes for easy shoveling. And shovel you will. A fried egg on a breakfast sandwich with some Kim Kim adds a natural slow burn to luscious yolk drips. But it’s not just amazing on eggs, we like to take a squeeze to a bowl of ramen noodles, mix into a bbq sauce, perk up a turkey sandwich, add ribbons of red to delivery pizza, rope it atop of macaroni and cheese, freckle fried chicken, or just about anything savory. And with Kim Kim’s sauce there isn’t any question that it’s not what it’s cracked up to be, it’s 100% natural and 100% delicious – and it’s tangy Korean profile lends a lovely authentic flavor. With the capture of the Gold Sofi award and getting to know the craftsman behind the label – Steve – it was hard to ignore. Steve grew up in New York City building his love of American cuisine early in his life, then moved to Richmond and fostered a dedicated affection of home-made creations. Eventually he started to miss his mom’s traditional Korean cooking and set to creating. He started to cut the traditional korean paste, gochujang, into a sauce with vinegar and other things, serving to friends and family where he eventually landed on the current sauce we love. A story of a hobby gone wild and super tasty with tradition and heart – perfectly compliments the vigor that is Kim Kim.

Pick up a squeeze bottle off our shelf today and enjoy a true Korean Hot Sauce. Give a shout below on your love for amazing hot sauce or pass on to the Kim Kim folks a word of glee.

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