Project 7 Gum – Chew Out Donations

  • October 9th, 2013
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Gum is just one of those things you pick up without much thought. Grab and go, gnaw and move on with your day. But that is where Project 7 wants to be. In a space where split decisions between peppermint and spearmint are made, to be able to pick up a pack of gum and give back a little. To allow those impulse buys to carry a bit more weight than ‘just gum.’ Here is where Project 7 makes their mark.

Project 7 (New Packaging, Flavors)

You pick up a pack of gum and/or a shaker a mints and Project 7 gives back, for each purchase. Sure, your one pack may be a drop in a bucket, but when adding up all your drops and all the others it creates a deluge of charitable giving. Their mints are pretty dang tasty too, it’s not cardboard flavored gum – their fruitacular is mouthwatering, the mint is powerful but not palate destroying, lightly sweet and not cloying, a mighty fine gum by itself but when coupled with the charitable aspect creates a nice fuzzy. Not just that but it’s all made in this fine country of ours, serving good all around.

Pick up the new gum flavors and serve well while you chomp or freshen up a charity with a pack of Project 7 mints.

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