Osage Honey – Sweet Dips Of Deliciousness

  • October 29th, 2013
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Osage Farms HoneyAmong the vanishing point roads and long waves of forgotten fields and grasslands tucked between farms – an apiary has stacks of supers, whizing with activity. Welcome to Osage Farms.

In what would be the cuticle of the ‘mitt’ of Michigan, a mere thirty minutes from the Canadian border, delightful honey is collected and spun. Their monofloral varieties are lovely, one on our shelves now is their Purple Star Thistle honey with a mellow flavor of anise creating a honey unlike any other. The purple flower is commonly seen as a nuisance and at best a nice looking weed, but for beekeepers and Osage Honey it’s a way to create a deep flavor profile. A more relaxed single floral is the American Holly, it’s rich botanical aroma is great in teas but makes great use in baked goods or topping just about anything. The Holly also creates a nice story to tell when gifting for the holidays! The last of three varieties on our shelf from Osage Honey is Orange Blossom; it is like a brushing breeze of citrus and flowers. It is the most popular single-varietals so it’s approachable all while keeping it’s intrigue and about the best thing on fresh homemade biscuits. All of them create an easy break from the ordinary, heightening any sweet experience. New seasonal flavors come in often so keep an eye out and pick up a whole pound to enjoy!

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