Blue Lotus Chai – Tiny Spoon, Big Flavor

  • November 19th, 2013
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Amongst the underwhelming and overpowered chai there but a few worth sinking in an armchair with. In recent history we came across a tin of Blue Lotus and wanted to give it go. And go it did.

Blue Lotuc Chai 01

Held within a single tin is 100 cups of evenly spiced, old world inspired, chai. Enough tasty liquid could be made to warm a small army, and they’d be one lucky bunch – to say the least. Simply add a small scoop of the powerful powder to a boiling cup of your favored milk or milk-like liquid and you’re off to the races. Add it to your sugar cookies for a powerful punch up of spices, or mix it into your next cheesecake. This is a pretty fantastic chai coming to us from a history of deep love for India and it’s famous masala chai, Barbara searched year after year for the perfect dry spiced chai, then brought it back to the states to replicate it in pure perfection. It’s in the passion and hardline for making it ‘just so’ that truly shows through in each cup.

Grab a can and get making! Their Traditional is now available on our shelf. Want to leave a message about your love for Chai? Wish to swim in an ocean of chai spiced goodness? We’d love to hear from you.

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