Empire Mayo – Jars of Spreadable Happiness

  • November 27th, 2013
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During the fever pitch “what could they think of next” era in recent food history, there came a couple putting the food scene into a fury of “enough is enough.” We, of course, hadn’t said such things. The idea of something we may take for granted, something so simple and overlooked, and melding it into an item that is utterly delicious and full of rich flavor that you actively hunt it down in your fridge sounded right down our alley. We welcome then, with arms wide, Empire Mayo.

Empire Mayo (Mmmmm)

It started with two people, one being a woman with a profound love for her mother’s mayo. During the ‘food boom’ happening in Brooklyn, Elizabeth waited for an artisan mayonnaise to make it’s debut, but when it never came – she knew it was time to step in. In 2011, she paired up with popular NYC chef, Sam Mason, and got to work. Each batch of their mayonnaise is made from scratch, in small batches in their space. Each jar is hand packed and labeled and made with love. That love truly makes it way to the jar and subsequently your mouth – they create a piece of heaven.

For our shelves, we’ve collected the Classic, Rosemary, and Bacon. The Classic is just that, a simple blend of those easy ingredients that make mayo so dang tasty, but with some kind of magical ratio that makes us well up with food-loving joy. Empire Mayo’s Rosemary may be delicious on a turkey sandwich, but we love slapping some in egg salad, or topping a burger – my goodness; the jar is a lovely fluff of the rich mayo and fragrant rosemary. Now, the bacon. Well, it’s got the smoky, drool inducing, put-on-everything ingredient that is nearly impossible to ignore. A brush of Bacon Mayo atop an egg sandwich for heaven on earth, or spread in bread with lettuce and tomato for a ‘skinny BLT’, dip in fries, dollop a baked potato, or… you get the idea. Just like it’s namesake, this mayo can go and do just about everything.

Pick up a jar or all three today off our shelves, Empire Mayo will not disappoint. Have a great use for their mayo? Favorite flavor? Drop us a line in comments, we’d love to hear from ya!

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