Katherine Anne Confections – Dream Filled Candies

  • December 4th, 2013
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In the not too distant past, we were left with a pack of goodies from Katherine Anne. We picked through the bag till we landed on the cello labeled “Salted Caramel Marshmallows”. We couldn’t help ourselves; fluffy squares of sweet serenity and splashes of salty caramel pinched throughout, we were spellbound. As the tasting continued and we dug deeper into the dreamy sweets, we were locked in. We made our order and hoarded the samples, gnawing our way through each piece. We get like that sometimes, and Katherine Anne’s sweets took us to our depths of flavor-induced catatonia.

K. Anne 03

But it’s not just about the marshmallows, or the truffles, or caramels – which on their own are ‘need to sit in a chair’ good – but the hard earned by-hand confections that come cruising out of their Logan Square space is profound. Caramels that started in her childhood kitchen when she was only 10, becoming a historical piece of her businesses’ backbone. Casting her culinary hat into the world using her family’s Jersey cows while they lived in rural Wisconsin and ending up with here is like a tale torn from a paperback. After creating and gifting caramels for years, Katherine dove in, opening a place in Chicago and fulfilling a dream.

For us, it’s a dream to have her wares. The marshmallows are melty and rippled with mouthwatering flavor, salted caramel or earl gray. Take in a mug of your favorite hot chocolate with a salted caramel marshmallow then welcome the most wonderfully relaxing cup of heaven. Her truffles are all hand-rolled, gorgeous, and seemingly forced full of flavor. Our tendency to nibble one an evening or sharing a small box at a party are just two of the best ways to slip into the tasty world of Katherine Anne Confections.

Pick up the marshmallows, two packs or a box of 7 of truffles off our shelves today, we’ll really try not to break into them before. Want to leave a nibble of love for Katherine Anne and her team? Or have a favorite flavor you can’t live without? Leave us a comment below!

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