2013 Gift Giving Guide – For Him

  • December 8th, 2013
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In our first ever gift giving guide, we wanted to give a helping hand in picking out a theme for someone as gifts. Pick and choose one or more items or combine one or more items from any of the themes to fit your giftee – or just use these as inspiration.

Guys can be hard to shop for, the stores usually run out of “doesn’t matter” pretty quickly this time of year. Heck, your father-in-law has enough ties even in post-retirement that he could go into business selling them. So, here then are a few items to help them realize what they should have been asking for all along.


Right to left: Underwood Pinot Noir An approachable yet deeply complex red goes great with hearty meals, GasLight Coffee Roasters create mellow and wonderful do-anything go-anywhere beans roasted in this fine city, Sweetwood Jerky because there is something about dehydrated meat that is oh so wonderful, Empire Mayo is bacon and mayo – enough said, Jake’s Giard is our nicely spicy handmade giardiniera that makes pizza and burgers crazy-good, Big Picture Farm Goat Caramels are full of amazing grassy flavor and simply melt in your mouth.

Pack up a bag of these or any number of tasty vittles off our shelf for the guy who eats in your life.

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