2013 Gift Giving Guide – Pasta Fanatic

  • December 9th, 2013
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In our first ever gift giving guide, we wanted to give a helping hand in picking out a theme for someone as gifts. Pick and choose one or more items or combine one or more items from any of the themes to fit your giftee – or just use these as inspiration.

Pasta can be the life force driving many a meal, for some it is a passion and pull of their life; they find it hard to go a week or less without a heaping bowl of ‘the good stuff.’ We can sympathise, a good pasta pulled together for dinner can be life changing – or at the very least make the day just that much better. The perfect bowl always seems to be one step away… well – this year help close that gap with stellar pasta goodies.


From right to left: Benedetto Cavalieri is one the best top-tier dried pastas heralding from ‘the homeland,’ The Scrumptious Pantry brings us US grown and pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil that is the whip cream atop our pasta pie, Pirro’s creates tasty american old world sauces locally that don’t overpower but can stand on it’s own if need be, our grinder bottles of sea salts perk up pastas and finishes off dishes with a splash, Flavour 21‘s Bomba XXX tomato puree is squeezable slow cooked goodness ready to enhance anything tomato based you throw at it – truely magical, Filippi is an Italian white unlike many others – floral and aromatic – great with fish and pasta.

Get the whole thing in a gift basket or pick and choose these or any number of perfect pasta gifts right off our shelves.

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