Crafthouse Cocktails – Masterfully Minded Drinks

  • December 13th, 2013
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There are those times when you sit at a nice bar and ponder all the drinks in the universe – which would be best for this moment, for this occasion to make your day just measurably better? Ask the mixologist. The woman/man behind the bar you’ve bellied up to knows, it’s their job to know. They are creators, wizards of the bottle, and bringers of the good times. So now take that master work of spirits, balancing lows and highs of each added ingredient, place it into a flip-topped bottle – and you’ve got Crafthouse.


The brainchild of their chief mixologist, Charles Joy, Crafthouse brings the best and most fresh ingredients to home coupled with “quality over quantity.” With a bottle a bottle of theirs, you’ll be taking home a drink made just as those in the highest quality bars in the city. They go as far as taste the drink after it’s been on ice, to make sure the experience of drinking it to be perfected, to break the mold of the usual take-home cocktail and create something flavorful and authentic. Make something worthwhile, lovely, and something they themselves drink.

It is that sort of passion for creating the ‘just right’ cocktail that makes Crafthouse so tasty. We currently carry all three of their pre-mixed cocktails: Moscow Mule – simple and bright with lovely ginger oomph, Paloma – paired between blanco tequila and their own grapefruit soda, and the Southside – a balance of gin and citrus with tufts of mint. All powerfully inignorable and unabashedly delicious, just like sipping from a hand-blown tumbler at the best bars.

Get yourself a bottle or all three right off our shelf and share in the best bottled cocktail known to man. Love Crafhouse? Want to air your undying affection for one of the flavors? Drop us a line below, we’d love to hear from ya!

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