Our Savory Muffin – A Handful of Richness

  • January 10th, 2014
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Here at the store, we’re always trying to find that extra something. A bakery full of sweets was calling to us, something savory to munch on for breakfast. Of course, research and creative minds melded, muffin tins and samples plowed through and finally after reaching perfection, out the other end: a muffin.
Savory Egg Muffin
Inside, lay a hard-boiled egg complemented by the savory and salty exterior. A dense muffin base provides a bed for the egg to rest, with green onions, black pepper, and white cheddar all enhancing the encased treasure. We finish the muffin with a dash of sea salt atop for the perfect balance.

While they’ve been apart of our repertoire for sometime, we thought it nigh for them to catch a spell in the spotlight. Get yours today, or any day – baked fresh everyday from our bakery.

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